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Take control
of your data

Use I.CNTRL.ME to control the data
companies store about you. Fine-tuning
your digital identity starts here.
Start right away, it's free.

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It is your right

To know what companies know about you
Who you are
Where you work and what you do
What your e-mail address is
… and to ask them to change or delete it
Change the address of your job title
Delete irrelevant information
Remove your old orders

And it is very
easy to control
that right


Tell us what companies to
check for you


We add their privacy team
contact data


You get in touch to exercise
your rights


Ask them what they store about you.


Request them to change the information


Request to be completely forgotten

Why people use I.CNTRL.ME

I am a heavy business networker. I have given out my business cards to thousands of companies. I now start to know what companies are keeping what kind of data of me. And I am keen to find out what company wants to respect my data.
Jan Lagast
Being the CEO of a marketing agency, I want to know what modern tools can help my clients be in control of their GDPR processes. Some of my clients received several GDPR-related requests, and I would like to convince these people to use CNTRL.ME.
Erwin Vekeman
Atelier 64
I am a CRM consultant for many B2B companies, and of course, privacy and GDPR have my attention over the past years. I am witnessing the first GDPR-related issues now. If they would run over I.CNTRL.ME there would be much less discussions.
Hein Bruggeman
SB Concepts

Aren’t you curious?

Time to take control for free

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